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Bancroft Driving Exerciser

Drivers with a high level spinal cord injury (eg. C5-C7) may require an exercise programme to build up upper limb strength, ready for return to driving. The actions required for steering and operation of hand controls are quite different from the every day movements needed for self care or manipulation of objects. The driver needs to be able to cross their arms over the middle of their body in a circular motion. Lifting the steering wheel up between the 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock positions can be particularly difficult and  must be practised.

The Bancroft Driving Exerciser allows drivers with medical conditions such as quadriplegia to build up strength and practice the movements required for driving. Often a 10 week strengthening programme is advised during the assessment and vehicle selection / modification process. Drivers with high level spinal cord injury frequently require ultra-light power steering, although steering is becoming lighter in many late model vehicles. Use of the Bancroft exerciser can be the difference between requiring joy sticks and other specialised modifications for driving and being able to use a standard steering wheel (with or without ultra-light power steering).

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