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Corporate Programmes

Rehab on Road's is able to conduct corporate programmes for companies who wish to address fleet vehicle safety, address the needs of injured workers, conduct employee screening, implement injury and crash prevention measures, or conduct other specialised programmes. Following are the types of programmes that can be provided;

Pre-employment Screening

Prospective employees who have been short listed for a position can be screened via our pre-employment programme. The screen can be adapted to suit the needs of the organisation. Areas that may be screened include;

  • Practical driving assessment
  • Manual handling knowledge and practice (related to driving and transport of goods)
  • Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment
  • Road law knowledge
  • Injury history / lifting restrictions
  • Fatigue management
  • Vision Screening

A report is provided for each applicant including areas identified for further training and suitability for employment.

Staff Driver Safety Programmes

Rehab on Road can assist companies to implement policies aimed at reducing the incidence of injury or accident among employees using fleet or leased vehicles. This may include screening of practical driving skill, road law knowledge, manual handling awareness and vehicle ergonomics. Training can be provided in these or other areas unique to the industry in which the driver is employed.  If you have an employee who has had unsafe incidences at work (eg. 2 or more car accidents) a driving screen and refresher programme can identify deficits and provide intervention.  Injured workers may require a full driving assessment for return to safe and legal driving.

Staff Vehicle Ergonomic Screening Programmes

Employees who spend long periods of time in their vehicles (eg. sales representative, bus drivers and technicians) can experience discomfort over time if not driving in an optimum position or if they have a pre-existing pain condition. Corporate screening and training programmes can be provided to ensure drivers are setting up their vehicles correctly and to assess vehicle / driver fit.

Fleet Vehicle Assessment

It is ideal for a vehicle ergonomic and safety assessment to be conducted prior to purchase of fleet vehicles  to ensure they will meet the needs of the majority of employees. If employees are complaining about the comfort and safety of existing fleet vehicles a vehicle ergonomic assessment can be  conducted and recommendations made for adjustment (however the range of options for adjustment post sale can be limited, particularly for heavy vehicles. Options include the use of ergonomic aids, fitting of grab bars, adding non-slip surfaces, inserting suspension seats, extending seat brackets and so on). 

Corporate Training Programmes

Organisations, councils, societies and community groups often request training on various  driving related topics. We are experienced in providing training (from a master’s level subjects at university to brief interest sessions for community groups). Topics can include defensive driving, pain management and driving, vehicle ergonomics, ageing and driving, vision deficits and driving, manual handling for the transport of goods, fatigue management and many more. Contact Rehab on Road to discuss you specific needs.

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