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For more information on the cognitive fitness to drive screening tool:

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Rehab on Road coordinates courses for occupational therapists, driving instructors and other health professionals in the area of driver assessment and rehabilitation. Please contact us directly for further information via the enquiries form. 

Occupational Therapists
To become a driver trained occupational therapist you must complete a recognised course . You cannot conduct driving assessments unless you have undertaken post graduate training. In Australia you must be registered as a driver trained occupational therapist. Once you have completed a recognised course you will be issued with a registration number and be entitled to conduct driving assessments. Additional training in commercial vehicle assessment is advised before you attempt assessments in heavy vehicles.

Driving Instructors
Driver trained occupational therapists work closely with rehabilitation trained driving instructors in this specialised area. It is recommended driving instructors attend additional training before they work with clients with disabilities and special needs. Most instructors working in the area have vehicle modifications such as a left foot accelerator or hand controls fitted to their car. Please contact us directly for further information via the enquiries form. 


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