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Inability to drive following an injury or accident is often a significant barrier to return to work, family and social roles. Funding of alternative forms of transport can be expensive for insurers. If you have a claimant with a disability or anxiety condition that is preventing return to driving, an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment is recommended. A standardised driving assessment can quantify the impact of a medical condition on driving capacity. Intervention such as vehicle modifications and a driver rehabilitation programme can facilitate return to safe and legal driving.  Rehab on Road will assist clients and insurers to comply with legal requirements related to driving with an injury or disability.

Rehabilitation Providers
When case managing, your clients will frequently identify return to driving as an important goal. Return to work is often delayed by reduced driving tolerance or inability to drive. Safe and legal driving may be required for travel to and from work or to enable the client to conduct their work duties (eg. a sales representative or bus driver). Rehab on Road can help identify how the client's injury impacts driving safety or tolerance and provide a rehabilitation programme for return to safe and legal driving.  
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